Meet Jordan

We must understand and participate in the calling of our intrinsic nature, so that we can define our life's journey with clarity and a healthy perception.

Meet Jordan

Jordan Castellanos Personal Training in Portland, ORBack in 2008, I worked for the biggest coffee corporation which meant I had access to every pastry, calorie rich drinks and whatever else they were selling at the time. After 7 years of loyalty to the “premier purveyor” of coffee establishments, I ended my career as a manager of the location I worked at and decided to go to school. And so the problem began…. I was no longer moving like I was at the busiest “coffee joint” in all of the Inland Empire, and my waistline showed it. My movement significantly decreased, but my calorie surplus didn’t.

And I gained a good 40 pounds of body fat in a period of 6 months with help from my favorites: pasta, ice cream, soda, candy and chips. At the time I was completely unaware of what I was doing to myself, and I refused to acknowledge the tight fitting pants that should of been my first hint. At my biggest I was 225 pounds.

At 5’7″ with a mesomorphic body type, most would say it was a very noticeable difference. I had acne, high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and very unhealthy digestion. It got to the point where my knees hurt after walking or standing for short periods. I had to do something about my stress overeating.

But what!? Stop eating? I had no idea what to eat, how much to eat or what to buy at the grocery store. All I knew is what I was craving and what made me feel better, and that was fatty foods. Don’t get me wrong, fats are very productive and necessary for your success in health but being smart about it is key.

Turning my Health Turn Around

handstandsAfter 8 months of being unemployed and not knowing what was next in life, a friend reached out to me and connected me to one of her friends who was the fitness manager at a 24-hour fitness. I figured one way to hold myself accountable to my goals was to help others establish healthy habits. So I studied for NASM and in the process worked on my personal goals of reaching 200 pounds. I mean… one must play the part in order to have credibility in the health industry right?

I realized that inspiration comes in many different forms but I needed to be a strong source of it in order to surpass expectations of what was possible to myself. And it took YEARS to understand how to balance my calorie deficit with movement and strength training without losing muscle.

Personal trainers at the time had to work for every single client they got, and I was there every day pushing to make my first sale so that I could feel better about my decision to embark on this path. To this day I remember my first client… A sweet little lady in her 80’s who wanted someone attentive, cautious, and motivating. I realized THAT is what would sell, a positive personality who was eager to help the individual and not someone who sees training as just a job to make money. I knew I made the right career choice.

One average day at the gym between training session I had asked my mentor to put me through a sports specific workout. It was, without a doubt, the most grueling 20 minute workout a trainer had put me through! That is where my mindset changed to one of positivity. He encouraged me to finish the session and I remember (9 years later) I had then said the 2 most harmful words in anyones personal vocabulary: “I CAN’T”. That night I went home and contemplated why I wanted to be a trainer, and what created this urge to help people get where they wanted to be.

Personal-Training-Hybrid-MovementI discovered that the true nature of what I was doing was for me, and if I couldn’t do it for me, why would I WANT to do it for others. That week changed my life. 5 days later I asked to be put with the same trainer and do another intense workout. Only this time, my mind was ready to overpower what my body was telling me wasn’t right, and I survived 60 minutes of physical torment. And I felt great afterward. This is also how I’ve learned to properly progress my students and clients, so no one is surprised with the natural physical reaction to purge after intensity.

That trainer, who didn’t believe I would make it as a trainer, became my best friend and mentor. And I unveiled my journey towards a healthier lifestyle that first month of training.

The key to my success was always there, I just needed to believe in myself and see the capacity of my vast potential.

Jordan Castellanos
500RYT-registered yoga teacher (Yoga Alliance)
NASM-certified personal trainer
NESTA/PES-performance enhancement specialist
NESTA/MMACA-mixed martial arts conditioning association